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Kinesio Taping: theory and practice

Kinesio Taping method is applied over muscles to reduce pain & inflammation, relax overused tired muscles, and to support muscles in movement on a 24hr/day basis.

Kinesiology tape is designed to allow a longitudinal stretch of 55-60% of its resting length. This degree of stretch approximates the elastic qualities of the human skin.

The elastic qualities of Kinesiology tape are effective 3-5 days before elastic polymer diminishes. The thickness of Kinesiology tape is approximately the same as the epidermis of the skin. This was intended to limit the body’s awareness of the tape on the skin. After approximately ten minutes the Client will generally not perceive there is tape on their skin.


Kinesiology Tape is another tool used by therapists in the treatment of soft tissue dysfunction seen on a daily basis in clinics. It can be used in the following ways:

• Stabilise injured areas without restricting movement. • Helps prevent further injury. • Helps to re-educate the neuromuscular system. • Increases blood flow to injured areas. • Can enhance performance. • Helps reduce pain & swelling. • Allows injured athlete to remain active. • Psychological benefits as well as the placebo effect.

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