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Successful running seminar

Regarding the seminar that I presented with Dr. Peter Francis at the Viking Hotel, Waterford, I am delighted to say that it was a major success for the both of us and would really like to thank all the people that attended.

I hope you all took something out of it! This is hopefully the first of many of these seminars that Dr. Francis is willing to attend and present.

In the pipeline we will have specific presentations for the athlete and GAA players. A special mention to Ms. Gormla Hughes - you are an inspirational lady and really appreciate your special mention on your blog (please feel free to open this file).

Finally, thank you Dr. Francis. I have known you five years now and have to say it was the finest presentation I have ever attended (and I've been to a lot in recent years).


"Anthony Flanagan is a medical practitioner who places evidenced based medicine at the core of his practice. Anthony is acutely aware of the knowledge requirements for his patients and colleagues in the profession of physical therapy. I have had the pleasure of working with Anthony when he organised one of his evidence-based seminars in the Ramada Viking Hotel, Waterford. Anthony hosted myself and other delegates from internationally recognised Universities in the United Kingdom. Anthony had prepared the hotel 24 hours in advance to meet the specifications of the seminar. On the morning, delegates were smoothly checked in, provided with materials and provided follow up information. I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone wishing to host a similar event particularly in the field of sport, exercise and health science."

- Dr. Peter Francis, BSc, PhD, Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Therapy and Sports Medicine in Leeds, United Kingdom.

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